Stay As Locals, As your own home.

- The choice, staying at "Vacation House" in the tropical island, far away from your home - 

Okinawa is a tropical island with a beautiful and relaxing time.
We have prepared three wonderful “Holiday Houses” where you can enjoy a lot of Okinawa and stay as a “second home” where you can relax and relax while traveling. Each is a unique house full of concepts and thoughts.


“Tiny House” where you can spend time with your dog in a secret orchard.
"Family type" that will surely make kids smile in a large lawn garden.
“Kids Resort” is a white two-story Western-style building with elements that children can enjoy.


Choose a home where you and your family will be comfortable.
We will do our best to help you make many priceless memories.

About Us

Nice to meet you. This is Rie and Risa, we run this business together.

We love Okinawa and love to meet various people.
Both have three children. The time with my children is wonderful and priceless but it is also a lot of work. Especially on the trip with them.

First, there is a lot of luggage. And looking for meals that kids can eat in unfamiliar lands, and don't know where to buy diapers and daily necessities. Traveling with no children is an unfamiliar place, and I think there is always a frustrating part. So, for those who come to travel to Okinawa, which we love, we have everything you need to make it as small as possible so that you can get less luggage, where you can get what you need, where Can you enjoy it? While providing such information, I want you to feel comfortable at home.
Please feel free to ask me anything we can help. We are happy to help your travel better.