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Second home to stay with your dog: Tiny House

Hacobune Tiny House is a rustic beach house by a small cove. It is a rental villa like a hideaway surrounded by a wood fence. An outside shower that can remove sand, a swing in the garden, and an indoor that makes you feel like you are on a cruise.30 seconds walk to the beach, which is perfect for a walk! The private parking lot is right next to the garden, and it is easy to move indoors without the need for a cage .

Everyone can enjoy together at the BBQ grill and garden table in the garden . We also provide Full-sized kitchen and washing machine and  dryer. Let's enjoy the trip as if we were living.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Fees for accompanying dogs

The price is set according to the size of the dog.

Please let us know your breed and weight at the time of booking.


・ Small and medium-sized dogs: 2000 yen

・ Large dog: 3000 yen

Activities that you can enjoy with your dog

This is an optional activity that you can enjoy during your stay.


SUP (small to medium-sized dogs) with dogs

BBQ with your dog (please use the American gas grill in the garden)

There is a special catering menu! Of course, the dog menu is included.

Commemorative photo with dog

This is a full-scale shooting by a professional photographer.

Why don't you take a family photo with your dog as a memory of your trip?

House rules when staying with dogs

  • We are available for staying with a dog that has been bred indoors and has basic discipline.

  • Please be sure to let us know if your dog gets dirty. (Actual expense settlement)

  • For dogs in the heat, please wear manner pants.

  • Please refrain from going out leaving only your dog.

  • Please refrain from entering the facility except for guests (including dogs). If you wish, please contact us in advance.

  • Pet beds, feeding plates, pet sheets, etc. are always available. Please bring your favorite food, snacks, shampoo, etc. on a daily basis.

  • Please let the dog take a bath ​​before stay.

  • Due to the natural environment, we recommend preventing fleas and ticks.

  • Please contact us if you are traveling with two or more animals.