Let's have some fun with us!

During travel, is it difficult to think about various experiences or plan your trip?

At Hacobune Resort Okinawa, we have prepared an accommodation plan with experience, which is a set of recommended experiences and accommodations!

Everyone who offers any experience is our friend,

They are sincerely trustworthy and very kind to me.

I never want you to be disappointed because it is a trip to Okinawa. It is a plan that we confidently recommend to make a satisfying memory!

Beach snorkeling + BBQ Plan


First of all, check in at your accommodation.


Get ready to play!

Slow down a bit, and when you've finished unpacking, get ready for the beach!

Change into a swimsuit and wear a wetsuit.

Ready to wear marine boots!

Please bring your own swimsuit. Please be assured that the wet suit and marine boots are prepared by NAO, an instructor!


Walk to the beach

The beach is within walking distance from your accommodation. Let's take a walk to the beach!


Beach snorkeling!

Step into the beach and enjoy snorkeling. NAO-san, an instructor, will carefully explain and support you, so it is safe for small children.


Rest at the inn

After snorkeling, take a shower at your accommodation and relax. In the garden, there is a family-made DIY pergola, and a hammock there. I spend a leisurely time reading books and taking a nap.


BBQ dinner

Let's enjoy BBQ for dinner! Please be assured that we will prepare all the grills and ingredients here. If you have any allergies or foods that you cannot eat, please let us know in advance.

The last thing to enjoy, the baked marshmallow, is the real pleasure of BBQ! Children are also very happy.


Let's Play fireworks

Finally enjoy the fireworks. There is a large garden, so enjoy your handheld fireworks. Everyone's fireworks are sure to be an irreplaceable memory!