Precautions when bringing a dog

You can stay with your dog at Hakobune

Please make a reservation after confirming the following notes.

* Basic discipline (toilet training, commands, etc.)

Only dogs can stay

* As a stay fee

Small dogs 2000 yen / night Medium and large dogs 3000 yen / night




Feeding dish toilet tray

Manner bag bed

​Taking flea mite medicine

​Please give me a flea mite medicine and shampoo in advance.

Wearing clothes indoors

To prevent hair loss

Please help your dog wear clothes indoors.

Accommodation rules with pet dog


  1. The owner is responsible for disposing of the excrement of his dog.

  2. We will charge a considerable amount for damage and stains on facilities, furniture, equipment, etc. caused by your dog.

  3. We are not responsible for any injuries, deaths, thefts, escapes, etc. of your dog on the premises due to unforeseen circumstances, except in the case of our negligence.

  4. We may refuse your stay if your application is false or if you violate these Terms during your stay.

  5. Please note that all customers and their dogs will stay "safe and secure" with respect to the above items.