Stay As Locals, As your own home.

Hacobune Resort Okinawa is close to supermarkets and convenience stores, as well as unique restaurants and fascinating activities.
Please tell us what you want to know and do, such as "I want to dive!", "I want to eat Okinawan food!", "Is there a bakery that is perfect for breakfast?" We will think together so that you can have a fun and fulfilling time during your trip. Please share with us what you want to do while traveling.
Introducing shops where you can buy souvenirs and shopping spots such as supermarkets and convenience stores that are familiar to you.
Meals, light meals, sweets
Introducing recommended delicious meals and bakeries and cake shops specializing in take-out.
You can also order cakes for birthdays and anniversaries and prepare them at the inn, so please feel free to contact us.
Experience / sightseeing spots
You can experience various things such as marine activities, pottery experience, and Okinawa's famous confectionery “Chinsuko” making experience.
There are also sightseeing spots that you want to visit with your children.
  • Supermarket "Marudai Namihira store"
  • Farmers Market "Yunta Market"
  • Woman's Station "Nakayukui Market"
  • Convenience store "Lawson"
  • Convenience store "FamilyMart"
  • Elsara general store (miscellaneous goods)
  • Indigo (furniture and miscellaneous goods)
  • Sun and moon (glass miscellaneous goods)
  • Nagahama Confectionery (Chinsuko)
Meals, light meals, sweets
  • Bistro Luire (Italian French)
  • Cafe NY (Vietnamese food)
  • Zen Zen (Izakaya)
  • Yomitani Monogatari (Izakaya)
  • Countryman (Izakaya)
  • Water circle (bakery)
  • Little GREEK Kitchen (Greek food)
  • Bakery next door (bakery)
  • Cocosora pastry shop (sweets shop)
  • GORDIES OLD HOUSE (hamburger)
  • Joyfull (family restaurant)
  • Seven-colored wind (cafe)
  • Everyday restaurant (Okinawa soba )
  • Kinzuki soba (Okinawa soba)
  • Joie Joie 36 (Sweets)
  • Viala Coffee
Experience / sightseeing spots
  • Beach snorkeling
  • scuba diving
  • Day & Night SUP
  • Shisa / Ceramics Experience
  • Muchi (demon mochi) cooking experience
  • Chinsuko (traditional confectionery) cooking experience
  • Photo shooting by a professional photographer
  • Yomitan Holistics
  • Cape Maeda
  • Bios Hill
  • Cape Zanpa Park / Beach
  • Nirai Beach
  • Onna Village Forest Adventure
  • Murasaki Mura
  • Gala blue sea
  • Zakimi Castle Ruins
  • Yuntanza Museum
  • Yachimun no Sato
  • Toguchi Beach
  • Ryukyu Mura